September 27, 2006

RESPONSIBLE DOG OWNERS OF THE WESTERN STATES Cherie Graves, chairwoman Hermine Stover, secretary 323922 N. Hwy 2 23280 Stephanie Newport, WA 99156 Perris, CA 92570 509-447-3231 951-943-0990 THE LEGISLATED EXTINCTION OF DOG BREEDS Traditional animal husbandry practices are under political attack in the United States of America. Domestic animal ownership, and use is being stripped out of our hands by city, municipal, county, state, and federal legislatures at the urging of politically powerful, and moneyed animal rights groups. Animals are being blamed by legislative bodies for human failure to be responsible. The following list of dog breeds are named in breed specific dog ordinances that have been proposed, passed, or tabled across the United States. Some of these breeds are listed in wolf-hybrid bans, actually wolf-hybrid bans are more all encompassing due to common theory placing all dogs as descending from wolves. The other breeds are listed under “pit bull” bans. The latest addition to this ever growing list is the Caucasian Shepherd, added in July, 2005 bringing the breed total to fifty-six breeds in the USA, plus any mixed breed that contains any of these breeds. There are no stopgaps in breed specific legislation to prevent the addition of any, or all other breeds of dogs, or even domestic species. Breed specific legislation sets a legal precedent that allows for any or all other breeds of dogs to be added with no public notice, or input. We support reasonable laws that are directed at the dog owner. No dog has the capacity to know it’s breed. No dog has the capacity to understand law. No dog can operate outside of it’s owner’s parameter of responsibility. To further compound the confusion, governments have incorporated breed standards for pure-bred show dogs into these bans as identifiers. Breed standards are not made for breed identification, they are made for measuring the quality of a registered show dog. By utilising breed standards as a means to identify “pit bulls”, it stands to reason that only top quality show dogs would meet the criteria of conforming to a ban. Those breed standards are owned by the respective parent organizations for the individual breed, or by the registry that recognizes, and registers these breeds. Breed standards are copyrighted materials. The parent organizations allow the standards to be utilised under the auspises of the registries by dog show judges who are licensed by the registries that recognize the various breeds. Those dog show judges are tested on their knowledge of the breeds of dogs, and upon the qualities as set forth in the breed standards before being passed and licensed by the registries for which they judge. The objective usage of a breed standard by a licensed judge is to select the dog of the highest quality in competition. The judge is not trying to guess the dog’s breed. The dog is entered into it’s class under it’s breed, and registration number. To use a breed standard as an identifier is not only a misuse, it is a copyright infringement, and a travesty. At this time the various registries, and breed clubs are involved in sending cease and desist letters to venues that have incorporated breed standards into breed bans as identifiers. Fairfield, Iowa has banned any dog that weighs over 100 pounds. Protect animal ownership, and use rights. Protect traditional animal husbandry practices. Join the fight to repeal breed specific dog legislation by becoming a proactive member of BSL 56 at; *AIREDALE TERRIER * AKITA * ALASKAN MALAMUTE * ALSATIAN SHEPHERD * AMERICAN BULLDOG * AMERICAN HUSKY * AMERICAN PIT BULL TERRIER * AMERICAN STAFFORDSHIRE TERRIER * AMERICAN WOLFDOG * ARIKARA DOG * AUSTRALIAN CATTLE DOG * AUSTRALIAN SHEPHERD * BELGIAN MALINOIS * BELGIAN SHEEPDOG * BELGIAN TERVUREN * BLUE HEELER * BOERBUL * BOSTON TERRIER * BOUVIER DES FLANDRES * BOXER * BULLDOG * BULL MASTIFF * BULL TERRIER * CANARIO DE MAJORCA * CANE CORSO * CATAHOULA LEOPARD DOG * CAUCASIAN SHEPHERD * CHINESE SHAR PEI * CHOW-CHOW * COLORADO DOG * DOBERMAN PINSCHER * DOGO DE ARGENTINO * DOGUE DE BORDEAUX * ENGLISH SPRINGER SPANIEL * ESKIMO DOG * FILA BRASILIERO * FOX TERRIER * FRENCH BULLDOG * GERMAN SHEPHERD DOG * GOLDEN RETRIEVER * GREENLAND HUSKY * GREAT DANE * KEESHOND * KOTEZEBUE HUSKY * LABRADOR RETRIEVER * MASTIFF * PRESA DE CANARIO * PUG * ROTTWEILER * SAARLOOS WOLFHOND * SAINT BERNARD * SAMOYED * SIBERIAN HUSKY * STAFFORDSHIRE BULL TERRIER * TIMBER SHEPHERD * TOSA INU * TUNDRA SHEPHERD * WOLF SPITZ * United Animal Owners Alliance PLEASE SIGN THE PETITION TO CONGRESS SIGN SINGLY ONE NAME TO ONE LINE ONLY SIGN A STATE PETITION IF YOU ARE A RESIDENT U.S. CONGRESS ALABAMA CALIFORNIA GEORGIA INDIANA MARYLAND MISSOURI OHIO OREGON OKLAHOMA TEXAS S. CAROLINA WASHINGTON STOP PAWS STOP NAIS FIRE LAURA MALONEY Laura Maloney, Executive Director of the Louisiana Humane Society, along with HSUS, confiscated, and annihilated 58 dogs belonging to Floyd Boudreaux. Mr. Boudreaux hasn’t been charged with any crime. Laura Maloney committed genocide on the Boudreaux line of American Pit Bull Terriers, an irreplaceable gene pool. Mr. Boudreaux’s yard was immaculate, and his dogs were in peak health condition. The dogs were hand loaded into un-airconditioned trucks without being crated, in the most inhumane way,and hauled over three hours from their home. We will never know how many of the dogs died of heat prostration. Many dog breeders believe that this raid was made to discourage other successful dog breeders from continuing their programs. Hurricane Katrina destroyed the Louisiana Humane Society building. Laura Maloney stated that it was “…the most stressful” thing in her life. Killing fifty eight dogs in one go, destroying a man’s life work, his reputation, a son’s reputation, and a grandson’s beloved pet, must not be stressful at all.


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