Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Have you ever noticed that the animal rights movement wants to sell us all on imitations? They claim that meat is murder, fish is poison, fur is cruel, leather is something terrible, hunting, and fishing are torture, and want us to replace all of these ancient traditions with fake stuff that looks, smells, and supposedly tastes like the real thing. Is this truly abhorrence, or is it flattery?

In my delicate sensibilities, I find fecal matter most abhorrent. I do not make things that look like, smell like, or taste like fecal matter. The animal rights movement touts foods that not only are shaped to look like meat, or seafood, smell like meat, or seafood, and taste like meat, or seafood, they want us to believe that it will save the world. Where is the logic in that?  Are they going to plug a super volcano, or catch a stray asteroid with this stuff?

They state that fake fur is so realistic it is difficult to tell from the real thing. If I really thought that wearing fur was murder, I would not wrap myself in an imitation, and talk about the glamour of faking something that I believed was akin to murder. Would you? Think about that the next time that you see an animal rights devotee flaunting their imitations.

Leather?  Why, oh why does imitation leather excite these people so much? Wouldn’t a cotton rope hold up their pants, and make more of a statement than a cheap piece of imitation leather? Why not wear woven grass shoes instead of plastic? Their feet would be able to breathe, and they would put less stress on the oil industry. Wait! I’m trying to apply logic to the animal rights movement. That is like trying to apply logic to the beliefs, and actions of a cult. No how, no way does logic fit into the equation of animal rights.

The animal rights most devious imitation is their pretence of compassion for animals. Under the guise of compassion their ultimate goal is the abolition of all animal ownership, and use. Compassion does not have an agenda of annihilation. Real compassion for animals does not exploit them as the animal rights movement is so prone to do. Real compassion is caring, nurturing, and preserving. Real compassion is calm, steady, loving, educational, and generous. Real compassion is not confrontational, filled with lies, and geared toward destruction. Real compassion does not steal from the rightful owner. Real compassion looks like Mother Theresa, not like Ingrid Newkirk, Wayne Pacelle, or Tammy Grimes.  

The animal rights movement has a twelve step program (Hmmm, another imitation). Surely there is one or even two items with which you find that you can agree. This is how they hook people. We cannot look at a tiny portion, we must look at it as a whole, and see that taken all together it is poison. These are the twelve steps of the animal rights agenda.
1. Abolish by law all animal research.

2. Outlaw the use of animals for cosmetic and product testing, and
classroom demonstration

3. Vegetarian meals should be at all public institutions, including

4. Eliminate all animal agriculture.

5. Eliminate all herbicides, pesticides or other agricultural
chemicals. Outlaw predator

6. Transfer enforcement of animal welfare legislation away from the
Department of Agriculture.

7. Eliminate fur ranching and the use of furs.

8. Prohibit hunting, trapping and fishing.

9. End the international trade in wildlife goods.

10. Stop any further breeding of companion animals, including purebred dogs and cats. Spaying and neutering should be subsidized by state and municipal governments until all companion animals are extinct. Abolish commerce in animals for the pet trade. Eliminate pet ownership.

11. End the use of animals in entertainment and sports (resulting in no horse shows, cat or dog shows, animal actors, rodeos, animal movie stars).

12. Prohibit the genetic manipulation of the species

The great animal/agriculture industry is the backbone of our nation. It is the basis for our wealth, and for our ability to not only feed ourselves, but the world. It is the basis for our economy that makes us the richest nation on earth. It allows our great generosity to nations that do not have the ability to feed their people. Without the animal/agriculture industry our economy would collapse. Without research on animals veterinary medicine would make no advances, nor would human medicine. Hunting, trapping, and fishing are the most ancient of human traditions. Each gives us the ability to feed ourselves, or clothe ourselves. The trade in wildlife goods is as old as human kind. We human beings have practiced animal husbandry since before we became an agrarian society. Are you noticing that the entire animal rights agenda is about removing all of our most ancient and traditional ways of life? Before we had pesticides we had massive crop failures. We still have crop failures that are weather related, but we also have the ability to mass transport foods. We must never forget history. We must never give up our real humanity.

The animal rights movement is not about compassion for animals, but about recreating humanity into a cheap imitation of the real thing. Since most people live in cities today, it is romantic to dream about a Utopian world where our ancient traditions, and skills are unnecessary. Food does not originate in supermarkets. We are just one super volcano eruption, or one major asteroid strike from being tossed out of technology back into self sufficiency. It behooves us to cherish our traditions, and to hone our skills. Any time in history that there have been conflicts there have been food shortages. Just because we live in the most abundant time in recorded history does not mean that it will last forever.

Cherie Graves, chairwoman
Responsible Dog Owners of the Western States