September 25, 2007

RESPONSIBLE OWNERS OF ARKANSAS DOGS, Inc.Roger Schnyer, ChairmanP.O. Box 18Lonoke Arkansas, 72086 phone (501-676-7582) e-mail  cajun9@sbcglobal.netWebsite SEPTEMBER  17, 2007 

Roger Schnyer, Chairman of Responsible Owners of Arkansas Dogs, said  “ROADs has incorporated, and set up a bank account with the purpose of posing a legal challenge to the Arkansas breed specific dog ordinances in Federal Court.  The attorney Andrew Clark of the firm Clark and Byarley has been retained to try the cases. Mr. Clark is preparing the cases, and will file the suits in Federal Court on our behalf, and will seek immediate injunctive relief for our plaintiffs who reside in Beebe, Lonoke, and Jacksonville. We expect that the cases will be filed the week of September 17th.” 

“The American Canine Foundation is lending its experience, and its body of case law to our challenge.  Dr. I. Lehr Brisbin will be among the expert witnesses, his testimony is invaluable to our case.  This team has been the most successful in prevailing in legal challenges against breed specific ordinances, and legislation since its inception in the United States.” 

ROADs, Inc. Chairman Roger Schnyer stated, “We know that other cities in Arkansas have enacted breed specific ordinances, too.  We just do not have the financial means to include all of them in our suits. When we prevail, it will automatically cause the other cities to have to repeal their breed specific ordinances. We are working hard for all Arkansas dog owners.”

Breed specific dog ordinances violate not only Constitutional rights, they violate civil rights. They are based upon discrimination, that discrimination is directed at the dog owner through his/her choice of dog.  They also violate a person’s right to be innocent until proven guilty in a Court of Law. Breed specific dog ordinances remove American citizen’s rights to due process. They also violate property rights. Breed specific dog ordinances take away the burden of proof being with the accuser, and placing it solely upon the accused. These are violations upon the most basic principles of American law.

“Dog owners in Beebe, Jacksonville, and Lonoke Arkansas are having their dogs confiscated, and killed by animal control based solely upon the dog’s physical appearance.  These owners are under the immediate threat of the loss of their dogs. Responsible Owners of Arkansas Dogs, Inc., needs your generous help in our fight to overturn Arkansas breed specific dog ordinances.  ROADs, Inc., does not profit from your donations. Legal challenges are expensive. We must bring in expert witnesses, and we must pay all filing fees, and attorney fees. The American Dog Breeders Association has agreed to match funds up to $5,000.00. Please help us protect your animal ownership, and animal husbandry rights.  We fight for your right to responsibly own any dog.”  Roger Schnyer said. 


                                                                                            Please make your checks payable to: Responsible Owners of Arkansas Dogs, Inc.and mail to;Responsible Owners of Arkansas Dogs, Inc.C/O Arvest Bank P.O. Box 57

Cabot Arkansas 72023

Or donate by PayPal

  Responsible Owners of Arkansas Dogs Inc. is a proud affiliate of Responsible Dog Owners of The Western States 


One Response to “ARKANSAS BSL ALERT”

  1. barbara smith said

    I just realized in the last few months that something was going on about our animals. Tx is letting Peta take over. Can you tell me what the status is here in Arkansas. As one lady said on the radio blog, animal people sit around and find out that these things are going on. This is because our lives are busy minding our own business and helping out when needed. Thanks, Barbara Smith 501-679-5382

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