September 25, 2007



P.O. Box 1406  Newport, WA 99156Web Site http://www.povn.com/rdows E-mail US rdows@povn.comBlog https://rdows.wordpress.com  E-mail List http://groups.yahoo.com/group/rdows Cherie Graves, Chairwoman, WA, (509) 447-2821Judy Schreiber-Dwornick, Assistant to the Chair, Director at Large, rdowsdirectoratlarge@gmail.comHermine Stover, Secretary, Press Liaison, CA, hermine@endangeredspecies.comArkansas Director, Roger Schnyer  cajun9@sbcglobal.netCalifornia Director, Jan Dykema bestuvall@sbcglobal.netIllinois Director, Elizabeth Pensgard bpensgard@yahoo.comIndiana Director, Charles Coffman candkcoffman@comcast.netIowa Director, Leisa Boysen rdows_iowa@yahoo.comMississippi Director, Dan Crutchfield farmer1@telepak.netNevada Director, Ken Sondej 4winds@viawest.netOhio Director, Tiffany Skotnicky ohdirrdows@yahoo.comOklahoma Director, Jade Harris aadrlegislation@yahoo.com

Tennessee Director, Gina Cotton ginacotton@msn.com

Texas Director, Alvin Crow crobx@austin.rr.com

MISSION STATEMENTResponsible Dog Owners of the Western States was founded October 15, 1989.  The group’s name may be abbreviated R.D.O.W.S. It is a not for profit group.                                                            RDOWS MISSION IS TO PROVIDE THE FOLLOWING PUBLIC SERVICES

  • Provide speakers for dog clubs, service clubs, and community centers throughout the western states.
  • Have information booths at dog shows
  • Formulate alternative legislation to that which infringes upon the rights of people to own or utilize their dogs.
  • Attend council, commissioner, and committee meetings.
  • Conduct aggressive letter writing campaigns to city councils, county commissioners state legislatures, newspapers, magazines, TV, and radio stations.
  • Keep the dog owning public informed of any legislation directly concerning ownership and use of dogs.
  • Actively work to cause reasonable dog legislation to be enacted.
  • Oppose legislation that infringes upon any citizen’s right to responsibly own animals.
  • We actively fight legislation that undermines the right to own, show, hunt,  or breed dogs, including breeding bans, mandatory spay/neuter,  and breed specific codes or ordinances.
  • RDOWS promotes the responsible ownership, care, nurture, husbandry, and treatment of dogs. 

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