October 7, 2007

On September 17, 2007 the County Council of Baltimore, MD put forth its proposed Bill entitled, AN ACT CONCERNING REGULATION OF PIT BULLS AND MENACING ANIMALS.  It can be found here;

The Bill is six pages filled with urban myth. It starts off with this incredibly wrong statement;

WHEREAS, pit bulls as a breed of dog, have characteristics that have been selectively bred into or are otherwise commonly found, and these characteristics may be intensified by improper treatment or training; these generally exhibited traits include, but are not limited to, (i) powerful instincts for dominance; (ii) a strong prey drive; (iii) a stubborness that results in sustained unyielding aggressiveness once an attack begins; (iv) powerful jaws capable of crushing bones and hanging on to victims even while the animal withstands infliction of injury or pain; and (v) a combination of stamina, agility and strength; and

WHEREAS, the combination and evolution of these characteristics in pit bulls and the exhibition of these characteristics in encounters injurious to humans and other mammals have served to evidence the breeds dangerousness; and

WHEREAS; other cities, counties, and states have found that pit bulls are dangerous to humans and other animals that restrictions on them are warranted; and

Whereas; in response to recent attacks by pit bulls and other dangerous animals, many of which were unlicensed animals, the Council deems it necessary to suppliment the 1997 legislation by providing additional regulations for pit bulls and dangerous and menacing animals in order to protect the public health and safety;…..

Is this law, or the Baltimore County version of a Grimm’s monster tale?  So after averring that the “pit bull”  is a “breed”, the council then names the American Staffordshire Terrier, the Staffordshire Bull Terrier, and the American Pit Bull Terrier, THREE SEPARATE AND DISTINCTIVE BREEDS!!! There is not one whit of proof that a provably pure-bred member of any of these three breeds is menacing Baltimore County, Maryland. The owners of these three breeds of dogs are being singled out for exceptional treatment under this proposed Bill.

There was only one state, Ohio that had breed specific legislation at state level. It was overturned in a landmark decision. The Baltimore County Council uses the time worn excuse that most teenagers fall back on to bolster their reasoning for doing something that they know is wrong; So, and so has done it so it must be okay!

If all of the myth that is parrotted in Baltimore County’s proposed Act were true, why isn’t the U.S. government hiring these dog breeders to create super war dogs for the U.S. military? Why aren’t police departments not using the techniques that have created the mythological monster dogs portrayed in the Act? How is it that breeders are so genius at manipulating genetics, but so incapable of  providing proper containment for their monster dogs?

One the one hand the Baltimore County Council portrays “pit bull” breeders as cunningly evil persons having the capability to manipulate genetics beyond the abilities of top scientific researchers in genetics . On the other hand the owners/breeders are portrayed at prognathous jawed, low foreheaded, knuckle-dragging idiots that do not have the mental capacity to control the monsters that they have so brilliantly created. This is the stuff of urban myth, and urban myth is being pushed through the Baltimore County Council as law.  This is an outrage. Laws are supposed to be able to withstand the rule of reason. One need not be an attorney to find all of the flaws that are set forth in the preamble to the Act. Anyone one who has the ability to reason will see that not only is the act predicated upon nonsense, it violates a citizen’s rights to equal treatment, and equal protection under the law.

Cherie Graves, chairwoman
Responsible Dog Owners of the Western States



  1. Carol said

    Well – there are no intelligence tests to be a politician. Maybe we should start instituting that! Stupidity is NOT an excuse for lying to the public! Someone needs to point out to these politicians that they were elected – and they WILL be UN-elected! This IS the country of FREE MEN (and women) – and this will not be tolerated!

  2. Sherry Mayhew said

    Can you tell me what the state regulations are for Pit Bulls? We live in a rental community and there is a tenant above us with two uncontrolled dogs (one male, one female) and are off leash regularly. Last nite one aggressively came at our windows scaring our cat. We too have a dog and I’m 6 months pregnant and becoming increasing concerned with the lack of ‘ownership’ of this breed. The owner a young lady who can not hold back one of them, now has two. I went to her unit to speak with her thou she wouldn’t answer the door.
    How do we do this neighborly

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