October 8, 2007

In researching to discover who, or what entity is behind the recent crop of breed specific dog laws in Tennessee the trail led to the Municipal Technical Advisory Service at the University of Tennessee. Further inquiries led to the name Sidney D. Hemsley who appears to be the driving force behind providing Tennessee cities with breed specific language for their ordinances. I contacted Mr. Hemsley (865-974-0411) to ask where the language  in the ordinances originated. He became immediately defensive, and started to raise his voice, and stammer. He cited a case in Kansas. But that was not the answer to my question.

When I attempted to get him to just cite the author, he started yelling about “…damned pit bulls.. chewing people up, … sick of it…”. I Asked him if he was biased, and he said that he was, he said  “I hate pit bulls”.

I spoke to the City Attorney for Halls, Tennessee Mr. William Lewis Jenkins (731-286-2401) to ask where the language for their BSL originated. Mr. Jenkins was advised by the city of Halls not to divulge that information. I laughingly asked Mr. Jenkins,  “Is it a secret?” He said that it was not a secret, but he was under advisement not to tell me. 

The Tennessee dog fancy really needs to come together and file a suit against MTAS, the UT, and Mr. Hemsley. They are conspiring to deprive the citizenry of Tennessee of their civil, and constitutional rights.

Cherie Graves, chairwoman
Responsible Dog Owners of the Western States


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