German filmmaker Fritz Kippler,  Goebbels’ most effective propagandists for the Nazi party, once said that two steps were necessary to promote a Big Lie so the majority of the people in a nation would believe it. The first was to reduce an issue to a simple black-and-white choice that “even the most feebleminded could understand.” The second was to repeat the oversimplification over and over. If these two steps were followed, people would always come to believe the Big Lie.

Today’s big lie in the United States concerns a mythical monster dog that was created by the Humane Society of the United States in order to line their pockets by stopping dog fighting. At the time dog fighting was legal in the late 1970’s. Dog fighting was dying out due to a lack of interest. It was legal, regulated and sanctioned until the HSUS worked so dilligently to have dog fighting made illegal.  Today dogfighting, being illegal,  is bigger, and bloodier than ever it was when legal. It is no longer governed by rules, and regulations nor is it operated under sanctions. The dogs are not revered as of old, they are simply fodder for the machine.

HSUS has a very good publicity department that feeds disinformation to the sensationalistic media. To one who takes notice,  in articles about “pit bulls” the term may appear more than two dozen times compared to articles about other dogs whose identification may only be mentioned once, if at all.

There is no such breed of dog that is recognized, or registered by any dog registry as “pit bull”.  Yet under the guise of banning this mythical monster there are nearly eighty breeds of dogs that are restricted, or prohibited from ownership in venues throughout the USA. (See

There is something about the human psyche that loves a good monster story, and by using the steps that are named above they have been created whole cloth and aimed at untold ethnicities of people. We are as a nation geared toward dismissing these tactics when they are directed at our fellow human beings, except for a small minority of bigots. Yet we do not recognize them when they are directed through animals at the people who own them. The very people who would decry bigotry directed at their fellow humans are among the first to spout that same bigotry towards dogs, and their owners. They think nothing of parroting the “pit bull” myths.

Dogs are as individual within their respective breeds, as are we human beings within our ethnicity. It would be impossible for any one dog breeder to make the exact same dog time, after time. Yet we are supposed to believe that all breeders can replicate a monster at will? That is the big lie. Dr. Frankenstein was only able to create one monster in the fable by Mary Shelley, and it killed him. If the big lie concerning “pit bulls” were true, wouldn’t the U.S. government snatch up these “monster” breeders to teach them how to make military dogs? In the myth, only very stupid, drug dealing, knuckle dragging dregs would own “pit bulls”, yet they are also brilliant geneticists who can at will create these “monsters” of mythical proportion that no other dog breeders are capable of creating.  

Legislators pass laws that are based upon myth instead of addressing the problem of irresponsible dog owners. Banning mythical beasties will not make our communities safer. Responsible Dog Owners has devised a set of Model Dog Owner Regulations that address the dog owner rather than the dog. It is available upon request.  Our laws in the United States of America must be written to control human behaviors. When our lawmakers attempt to define animal behaviors, and to criminalize those behaviors, they have lost touch with the very spirit of the law. No animal will ever be cognizant of any law that has ever been, or will ever be written, nor will an animal ever have the capacity to function responsibly to any law.

Cherie Graves, chairwoman
Responsible Dog Owners of the Western States
P.O. Box 1406
Newport, WA 99156