Letter to Northwestern Law School and Alumni Association

March 3, 2008

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Northwestern Alumni Association
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Over the past few years I have received several letters from the Northwestern Alumni Association requesting donations. This has on more than one occasion made me feel extremely guilty. You see I love Northwestern and had always wanted to give back as much as the institution had given me. Over the years, however, I have come to realize that not all gifts need be monetary ones, and that while I can’t write NU a substantial check or offer you any kind of endowment, my occupation may be as much a payback as any you’ll find in check form. You see I have the great privilege of belonging to or running organizations (Responsible Dog Owners of the Western States, Responsible Dog Owners Group of Illinois) that protect not only the ownership and use rights of pet owners, but the constitutional rights of Illinoisans and indeed all Americans. It is an honor to belong to or helm these organizations and to be able to give back to my community, my state, my nation, and via this letter, hopefully Northwestern.

Feeling as I do about my alma mater and given my occupation, you can understand then how I felt when I read in several articles that Northwestern Law School was in receipt of a grant from former game show host Bob Barker which allowed for the establishment of animal law courses at NU Law. Mr. Barker, you are undoubtedly aware, was instrumental in getting mandatory spay/neuter legislation through the California assembly last year that, with few exceptions, would have required dogs and cats 6 months of age and older in California to be spayed or neutered. The bill, AB1634, called the “California Healthy Pets Act,” or the “Pet Extinction Act” by those in the know, thankfully did not have enough support in the California Senate. Mr. Barker was also involved in getting Los Angeles’ recent mandatory spay/neuter ordinance passed.

The problem with these and other animal rights-sponsored laws, besides the fact that they are overly intrusive to the point of governmental nannying, is that they are unconstitutional and adversely affect property and other fundamental, inalienable rights. Worse, instructing law school students to write, lobby for, and defend laws like mandatory spay/neuter and guardianship law is tantamount to teaching Socialism (and perhaps even Communism) on an academic level since these laws forcefully and illegally take people’s property and use rights and offer them up to the collective. History has shown that when property rights are usurped, fascism cannot be too far behind.

The animal law curriculum has never been about animal rights or even animal welfare and the laws that result from the animal rights movement were only ever about the systematic erosion of constitutional rights; rights which good men and women fought and died to defend. How can Northwestern now embrace the very threat to our Constitution and sovereign that the Holocaust survivor I interviewed for my senior thesis so vehemently warned against??? This woman, whose entire family perished in Auschwitz, told me never to forget how the Holocaust happened. The Holocaust happened when fundamental rights like life, liberty, and property were eroded or outright negated and there weren’t enough people to stand up in protest. It should come as no surprise then that the animal rights movement, which also erodes or outright negates fundamental constitutional rights, got its start in Nazi Germany.

I love Northwestern but I love the Constitution more. I just never thought I’d see the day when my alma mater would force me to choose between the two.


Elizabeth Pensgard (Class of ’97)
President, Responsible Dog Owners Group of Illinois
Illinois Director and Executive Secretary, Responsible Dog Owners of the Western States

cc: Northwestern University School of Law


2 Responses to “Letter to Northwestern Law School and Alumni Association”

  1. Bob said

    I hope this is written in jest. If not, you’re an embarrassment. Find a new profession that prevents you from comparing an issue about pet care to the Holocaust. Sheesh.

  2. rdows said

    So I’m an embarrassment for trying to save my country??? Dry that one out and you can fertilize the lawn. It is absolutely not written in jest. But then you don’t really have any sort of counter-argument to refute me with do you? So all you have is name-calling. Typical AR schpiel. And no I’m not comparing the death of animals or pet care to the Holocaust like oh, say, PETA did a few years back. I’m comparing the wholesale negation of fundamental civil rights that is going on via animal legislation to how the Holocaust began. But then, you knew that didn’t you? You just couldn’t think of any counter-argument (because there isn’t one) so you put words in my mouth and tried to divert attention away from the potency of my argument. Wow, that’s like something Hitler would’ve done! Well done! Any fascist would be so proud!

    No my Holocaust Studies class at NU taught me to look for the signs. The Holocaust survivor I interviewed for my senior thesis clutched my hand until her fingernails became white and begged me to never forget so that something like the Holocaust would never happen again. Do our little ARs need a history lesson? Because Hitler began by negating fundamental civil rights, kind of like the ones that are negated by bad animal legislation. And it’s not just bad animal legislation. Look around you. Is this country really that free anymore??? I’m working to save my country, how about you? Seems you’ve joined the ranks of the communists/socialists who are treasonously selling out our sovereign piece by piece. You ought to be ashamed of YOURSELF. But then, be careful what you wish for commies! You just might get it!

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