Does anyone remember back in the eighties when the Oprah Winfrey Show addressed serious topics like AIDS and racism; when Oprah was often the only person who would touch such topics? Twenty or more years later and Oprah has devolved from the highest of journalistic integrity to become a demagogue whipping people up into an emotional frenzy about serious topics that merit a logical and well-reasoned approach, not an approach that leaves mascara running down the faces of her audience and Kleenex in short supply.

Today’s show was one of the rarer, which, instead of highlighting Oprah’s favorite t-shirt, her favorite political candidate, a book she thinks everyone should read, or giving away free stuff, had her audience’s attention directed towards puppy mills. Oprah began by saying the show should spark the interest of anyone who cares about the humane treatment of animals. Ironically, that did not include some of her guests which included Wayne Pacelle of the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS), nor even Oprah herself who reproved herself for buying from breeders when there are supposedly so many unwanted animals in shelters who are being euthanized every day. Read the rest of this entry »


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Dear Mayor Finkbeiner and esteemed members of the Toledo City Council:

It was disappointing to hear that the city of Toledo is considering a breed-specific mandatory spay/neuter ordinance for impounded “pit bulls” particularly because “pit bull” is not a breed recognized by any breed registry like the AKC, UKC, or ADBA. Indeed, the slang term “pit bull” can refer and has referred to as many as 30 different breeds. One could argue that any medium- or large-sized breed could technically be called a “pit bull.” As such, what actual breeds will Toledo require to be altered? Read the rest of this entry »