Many people accept without question, or proof that there is a pet-overpopulation crises in the United States. They cite the numbers of animals that are killed in shelters as their proof. That “proof” will increase dramatically in shelters across the county that took in animals that were “rescued” from the areas hit by the Hurricanes Katrina, and Rita. These animals will considerably add to the shelter’s kill numbers, and will lead to legislation to quell the crisis. In order to “prove” pet overpopulation, animal rights groups, and shelters are importing animals from China, Haiti, Romania, Taiwan, South America, and from countries around the world, and shuttling them across this nation. With those animals go their diseases that are not endemic to the United States of America. Shelters all over this country were shut down in the past year to get control of disease epidemics. Animal transports are at an unprecedented level. These transported animals are being used to inflate local shelter’s intake and euthanasia rates. If there were truly a pet overpopulation in the United States of America, wouldn’t it  make a whole lot of sense not to import animals from elsewhere?

Over-population is caused by an environmental situation that affects the whole population, such as drought, or crop failure, or even war. It means that there are no life sustaining resources to keep the populace alive. Over-population affects every living thing within the confines of the afflicted area. It would mean that there is no food, no potable water, no shelter, no medical supplies, no clothing, nothing to keep the entire population alive, and thriving. If we truly had a pet-overpopulation here in the USA, we wouldn’t just be talking about the sterile killing of animals for disposal in so-called shelters. We would be eating those animals to save ourselves from starvation.  If there was truly an overpopulation, there would be empty super-market shelves. No medical supplies, or services. Lines for potable water. We would all look like the people who have honestly suffered from the real situation of no sustaining resources available. We wouldn’t be a diet conscious nation, we would be in serious nutritional trouble. Over-population doesn’t play favorites. It affects the entire population of living beings.

Animal rights groups basically built the shelters, and told people that they didn’t have to be responsible for their animals anymore. Just dump them at the shelter. It’s become big business, and the shelters are not only thriving, but they are getting bigger, and better multi-million dollar facilities. Interestingly the Humane Society of the United States, one of the foremost purveyors of the pet overpopulation myth,  operates no shelters at all, and uses a large portion of it’s donations to make even more money. They recently have come under investigation by the Louisiana Attorney General for misuse of funds obtained after Hurricane Katrina, some $30,000.000.00. PeTA with all of it’s millions in revenue operates one shelter where it kills 83% of all the animals that it brings in.

We need to question what we are being told by these animal rights groups, and not be so quick to accept what they tell us as truths. Look at their real agenda. They post it on their websites. That agenda is to liberate all animals from our ownership, use, and care. No more pets. If we can’t own pets, there can’t be an “over-population”.  No more domesticated animals of any kind. 

Responsible Dog Owners of the Western States position on pet overpopulation is that it is a lie that is perpetrated by the animal rights movement, and fueled by the minority of pet owning society, the irresponsible, careless, negligent owner.