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 Responsible Dog Owners of the Western States was formed October 15, 1989 to protect the civil rights, Constitutional rights, and interests of dog owners. Responsible Dog Owners of the Western States takes the position that animals are valuable property. Animals are among the most ancient of traditional property of human beings.

Responsible Dog Owners is opposed to Virginia HB 1570 as it violates the commerce rights of the citizen  dog breeders of Virginia. If enacted as introduced HB 1570 will cause the importation of pure-bred dogs bred by breeders outside of Virginia in order to meet in state demand for pets. HB 1570 acts to the detriment of  Virginia’s dog, and cat breeders whose ability to breed and sell pure-bred animals is curtailed by HB 1570.

Responsible Dog Owners of the Western States calls upon the Legislature of the state of Virginia to curtail the mass importation of animals by not for profit animal shelters, and rescue organizations that flood shelters with animals from Asia, Romania, India, and elsewhere while creating a false “animal over-population crisis”  and pointing fingers of blame at responsible Virginia dog breeders.  See the evidence in the articles listed below.

 (1) TUFTS: FILLING EMPTY DOG POUNDS (FROM 02-06-03) Pet Underpopulation: The Pet Shortage in the US by Laura Baughan Dog imports raise fears of a resurgence of disease of Drug-Resistant Salmonella at an Animal Shelter shuts animal shelter (Las Vegas) Rabies Treatment Saves One, Does Not Work for All,2933,267191,00.htmlHuman Rabies — Indiana and California, 2006 8 Things You (Probably) Didn’t Know About Dog Shelters NEWS: 300,000 Imported Puppies Prompt Rabies Scare

 HB 1570 violates the United States Constitution under the 5th, 14th Amendment, and the Commerce Clause.  The state of Virginia does not hold title to the property rights of Virginia’s citizen’s animals. Animal’s genetalia belongs to the owner of the animal. Under HB 1570 Virginia dog breeders are deprived of selling as many dogs as the fair market allows. No other part of Virginia’s animal breeding industry is restricted by legislation.  Cattle, horse, and sheep ranchers are not restricted in their breeding, and sales

It is the duty, and the responsibility of the legislature to protect, and defend the rights of the people of Virginia. HB 1570 is a taking of the property and use rights of  Virginia’s pure-bred dog  breeders. Responsible Dog Owners of the Western States calls upon the Virginia Legislature to kill HB 1570