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Responsible Dog Owners of the Western States was formed October 15, 1989 to protect the rights, and interests of dog owners. 

 Responsible Dog Owners of the Western States stands in opposition to HB2861 – 2007-08  Including a wolf-hybrid in the definition of a “potentially dangerous wild animal.” Sponsored by Representatives Haler, Kretz, Schmick, and Blake.  The Canine Genome Project proved with DNA testing that all domestic dog breeds are derivative of  Canis Lupis Familaris, a sub-species of the Gray Wolf. In other words, all dogs are wolf-hybrids.  HB 2861 has the potential of creating the unintended consequence of  causing all dogs to be considered “potentially dangerous wild animal”(s) in Washington state. Dog ownership has been archaeologically traced back more than thirty thousand years. Tradition gives animal owners legal standing to own dogs. All animals are the ancient property of human beings. Animal husbandry is among the most ancient of professions. We, the people expect our legislators to protect our rights, and our property, not to remove those rights, and that property. Responsible Dog Owners of the Western States respectfully requests that the Represenatives sponsors withdraw HB 2861 from consideration.