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Dear Esteemed Members of the Chicago City Council:

It was of great concern to hear that Chicago is considering a mandatory spay/neuter (MSN) ordinance. Mandatory spay/neuter ordinances are proposed as a result of what is erroneously called a “pet overpopulation problem,” which is absolutely false. Chicago, in particular, could not use pet “overpopulation” as an excuse because according to statistics published in 2006,

“The euthanasia numbers in the Chicago Area are dropping. Between 2003 and 2005 overall citywide euthanasia rates dropped 12% and shelter intake went down to 11%. With an overall shelter killing rate per 1,000 humans at a historic low of 6.9%, Denver remains the only city between the coasts with a lower kill rate (5.9%)” (

So you see Chicago’s embrace of a ‘No Kill’ stance has seen intake and euthanasia rates significantly dropping on their own. Yet still MSN advocates are pushing the “overpopulation” lie on an unsuspecting Chicago public anyway. Read the rest of this entry »


Once again, Virginia “Ginger” Rugai, 19th ward Chicago alderman, is getting behind another unconstitutional piece of legislation (along with Ald. Ed Burke, who we noted in a prior post has been busy deflecting the heat from a Fox Chicago news report about questionable expenses). This time it’s mandatory spay/neuter. Ginger. It’s such a benign spice, but such a caustic politico.

It’s odd too, don’t you think that the Chicago City Council would repeal the foie gras ban, another unconstitutional restriction, on the same day that they proposed a mandatory spay/neuter (MSN) ordinance? On the one hand they recognize that a ban on foie gras is unconstitutional, but an ordinance requiring pet owners to spay/neuter their pets is somehow perfectly legitimate in their eyes. Read the rest of this entry »